About Us


Over the past decade Jerome Mazandarani has created an industry for showcasing the best of Japanese anime and live-action films to British audiences. As Director of Marketing and Acquisitions for Manga Entertainment he released over 100 movies and more than 550 TV series in to the UK on home video, including AkiraGhost In The ShellNarutoDeath Note and most recently, Attack On Titan. Of the top 200 best-selling anime releases in the UK, 160 of them have been titles that Jerome has personally been responsible for. In a lasting partnership with MCM EventsJerome has also been a driving force in the growth of MCM London Comic Con – increasing attendance figures from 15,000 in October 2005 to more than 105,000 paying visitors in 2014.


Over the past five years Andrew Hewson has worked as Senior Product Manager for Anchor Bay & Manga Entertainment. During this time he marketed some of the company’s biggest releases including Halo: Forward Unto Dawn, Akira, the Evangelion franchise, Bleach and Attack On Titan. Andrew was instrumental in developing Manga’s social media strategy with phenomenal results – since establishing the channels in 2009, numbers organically increased to an impressive 65k followers on Twitter and 43k likes on Facebook. In addition Andrew successfully event managed each MCM Comic Con in London as well as the regional shows throughout the UK with impressive results on an engagement and commercial level.