welcome to animatsu entertainment

home to all your favourite anime

The future of anime lives at Animatsu Entertainment Ltd, a new specialist UK distribution and production company primarily focusing on Japanese anime films and TV series.

Spearheaded by Jerome Mazandarani as COO and Andrew Hewson as Marketing Manager, they both bring considerable experience with them as the two key players behind the last 10 years of success at Manga Entertainment’s UK operation.

Animatsu combines our experience in marketing anime and other cult film and television brands with our enthusiasm for the modern pop­ culture fan scene. Animatsu really is a fan­-driven enterprise.
Jerome Mazandarani

We can’t exist without anime fans and in an age where there’s so much content readily available on so many different platforms, we have to cut through all of that and justify why people should invest in one of our titles. We’ll be hand­picking and curating a collection that we hope fans will be proud to own.
Andrew Hewson